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ALESIA It is the best option when it comes to car leasing

It is a system that encompasses and integrates all the functions of an economy car leasing business. It is made up of several modules.
The commercial module allows the management of clients, services, prices and rates, vehicle classification, and location; the reservations module allows you to generate quotes and car reservations without prepayments.
The rental module manages the contracts and invoices for rent, rent, and claims. The fleet module that allows the car’s handling from its pre-entry to its disincorporation records all the vehicle’s movements with its characteristics and consequences, such as an accident.
The claims and security module allows you to control and manage claims, from the least relevant to the most impactful. In the security part, a company Blacklist is managed, where those clients whose behavior has not been the most appropriate concerning Car leasing are registered.
The maintenance module is a module where the work orders are registered for those cars that require preventive or corrective maintenance. The type of maintenance is specified, and the costs that they caused are associated.
The success of a car leasing company is based on:
• A quality treatment towards the client
• Optimal utilization of the fleet
• High profitability per car or vehicle
• Car leasing deals, by vehicle classification and general or specific location.
• Staying competitive in the market through versatile management of some business rules.
• Always know where the vehicles are: Rented, in the workshop, in Transfer, Detained, among other status.
• Claims Billing when the case warrants it.
• Vehicle Maintenance through work orders with associated costs.
• Expenses associated with a vehicle.
• Operating income associated with a counter and a city.
• Daily fleet chart by counter or station.
• Management of Counters or virtual stations to control special fleet cases.
• Car Sales Management: from consignment, sale to invoice.
• Management of the Black List of Clients.
• Consultation modules and information reports.